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Group Olvia is built upon our belief in the power of partnerships. At its core, our business ecosphere practices the same vision and values throughout. All Group Olvia partners are committed to long-term, equity participation positions, and focussed on building unique businesses that ensure Group Olvia can fulfil all of its’ ambitions successfully.

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Resources, Materials & Mining
Our Expertise
Our RMM activities include mining exploration, development and operation of mines as well as production of refined metals in various locations.
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3SP - Services, Systems, Sensors, Platforms
Our Expertise
We develop key technological enablers and digital business models for the New Economy.
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Industrial R&D
Our Expertise
We partner with Research Institutes and Researchers to develop new concepts that will support the creation of innovative and sustainable business models across different industries.
Our Focus
Committed to creating new forms of value

The “digital age” is having a powerful impact on everyday life and business activities. Group Olvia’s primary focus is on developing new, low-maintenance business models that tackle the challenges facing modern industry.

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New Processes & Materials
We are continually striving to develop alternative production processes and reusable substitute materials to replace the use of non-recyclable raw materials and natural resources.
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New Sustainable Business Models
Group Olvia is passionate about creating the next generation of sustainable business models so that companies can  survive and grow in a Low-Growth Global Economy.
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New investment structures
It is our belief in that any new investment schemes we develop must not only offer attractive returns to investors but genuinely assist businesses and the local communities they operate in.
Executive Team
The Group Olvia Leadership
Panos Thymianides 1

Panos Thymianides

Managing Director
Xenophon L Paparrigopoulos

Xenophon L. Paparrigopoulos

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